Original Who we are

Ed Hilled-book

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ed was a Research Director at Clemson University responsible for exploring the world for innovative management concepts that would benefit US businesses. In that role, he discovered The Theory of Constraints by Dr. Eli Goldratt, who is also the author of The Goal. Ed worked with Dr. Goldratt over several years in applying the concepts now known as Synchronous Flow.

In recent years, Ed has worked with dozens of companies in a variety of industries to further develop the science of Synchronous Flow.

He is the author of Basics of Supply Chain Management, St. Lucie Press, and numerous articles on business process flow approaches. He resides with his family near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Chuck McKnight

In 1988, while working as a software engineer at a printed wiring board manufacturing facility for what was at the time the second largest computer manufacturer in the world, Chuck was introduced to Dr. Eli Goldratt’s The Goal. Inspired by Dr. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, Chuck transferred from the IT department to the Manufacturing department as a Production Supervisor so he could begin to develop his leadership skills and practice the principles behind Synchronous Flow. Chuck has enjoyed many opportunities working for the past 35+ years at all levels of management including front line supervisor, production manager, VP of Operations and Chief Operating Officer in various industries including the largest domestic jewelry manufacturer where he managed 600 employees in plants located in Los Angeles, CA and Guadalajara, Mexico; several well known cosmetics brands in which he was apart of the leadership teams that in one managed 5X growth over 5 years, in 2 others successfully managed distressed businesses to stronger financial positions.

Chuck embraces our purpose and now focuses on sharing his experience and knowledge to small business owners/entrepreneurs.