Collision Repair Shops

The big bears in the collision repair business are the insurance companies.  They perceive a repair shop as a cost center, with good reason. One of the major parameters in a collision shop that promotes cost is time. The longer a vehicle is in repair, the higher the cost to the insurance company.

Our Synchronous Flow process focuses on simplifying the flow process and in dramatically cutting vehicle time in the system. Our experience is that we can easily cut elapsed time for average size repairs by 50%. This can be done in two to three months and requires change that can be readily absorbed by the average shop.

If you’re willing to step outside ordinary repair shop operations, we have a model that can cut that elapsed time by an extreme amount. This model sets elapsed time for an average repair job to 3.5 days – that’s impressive. And, it’s very attractive to the insurance industry.  However, this is a challenge and it requires risk taking and a high level of change leadership. If you’re interested, we can sit down with you and detail the steps – it’s quite an adventure.

Just let us know if you’d like to talk about this.