The Harvard Business Review in 2007 stated: “Medical treatment has made astonishing advances over the years. But the packaging and delivery of the treatment are often inefficient, ineffective and customer unfriendly.” We couldn’t agree more. The healthcare industry is in crisis. While the demand for medical care is increasing along with the average age of the population, the inefficiencies and excessive costs of medical care are out of control. Synchronous Solutions has applied the concepts of Constraint Management, Lean and Six Sigma to the hospital system to achieve significant improvements in the quality medical care while dramatically improving the financial results of the business enterprise. We were able to reduce the non-clinical activities of the medical staff while increasing the time that clinicians spend with the patients. Nurses reported that their job satisfaction improved because they were able to spend more time dealing with patients and less time doing non-clinical and administrative activities.

Improving the ability of the hospital to deliver quality medical care, enhancing the quality of life of the clinical staff and advancing the financial performance of the hospital system is a win-win-win scenario.

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