Your Synchronous Solutions Team

The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence


It is our priviledge to partner with you and our team of talented consultants, coaches, and behind the scenes support specialists as we work together on the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Ed Hill

Founder & Ambassador

Rick Phelps

Consulting & Product Development

Mark Phelps

Coaching & Business Development

Growing with You

With an expanding team of talented Synchronous Flow experts, we are ready as ever to partner with you and guide your business or career growth. Our consultants and coaches are live across the United States from Maine to Georgia to Hawaii and several locations in between. Though Cleveland, Ohio serves as our home office, our virtual office keeps us in constant communication.

Your Partners on the Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

Better Together

As much fun as can be had over a web conference call, it only gets better in person. 

Getting together with clients and team alike is an investment that always reaps a worthy return. The time spent at industry conferences and events can be both great learning opporutnities and fun social gatherings. Hope to see you at the next event!

Our Core Beliefs

Shared values allow us to hold one another accountable to living and working in alignment with beliefs.

People are Good

Every Situation is Exceedingly Simple

Every Conflict can be Removed

Every Situation can be Substantially Improved

Every Person can Reach a Full Life

There is Always a Win-Win Solution

Together we achieve excellence.