Why we do it

The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

Synchronous Solutions’ mission is to help business owners/entrepreneurs and leadership teams meet their goal and “continuously improve the financial well being and quality of life for all the stakeholders in their business”. The stakeholders in every business are not only the owners/entrepreneurs but also the employees and their families, suppliers, customers and the communities they are located. We believe that businesses are the backbone of the American Economy and provide necessary livelihoods for many Americans. Below are comments from just a few of our clients.

We have a culture that always keeps an eye out for a better or more efficient way to do what we do.  Fabricators (most of us) invest many hundreds of thousands of dollars on machines, equipment, IT systems, fleet, staff, etc.  How much do we invest to make it all work, and I mean “really work”?   As our shops grow, so too does the complexity of the systems required to operate them.  Synchronous Solutions’s Synchronous Flow manages the complexity and tames the resulting chaos so your people can focus on helping you run a profitable business that they enjoy being a part of. We’re about 10 months into the process and haven’t looked back.  Our business is running better than it ever has.  We are all thrilled with the dramatic improvements we’ve experienced with scheduling, workflow, and throughput.  I am also very pleased to see the level of engagement and collaboration that now exists between the shop, scheduling, and customer service departments.  Oh yeah, and our customers have noticed too.  Sales are up! Synchronous Flow is a game changer.  Thanks Synchronous Solutions.

Vincent Trento, Owner/President
Rumford Stone, Inc.
Bow, New Hampshire

At Paxton  Countertops, we like to invest in our education.  We believe that is the reason we have success. Of all the investments we have made into our business, Synchronous flow is the single most beneficial return on our investment that we have ever made.  If you are even thinking about hiring Synchronous Solutions for Synchronous Flow, stop wasting your time and just do it!  You will be pleased.  Do not wait for the right time when you think you will be less busy.  That will never happen. You will miss out on order and the control over the daily chaos.  The only regret we have is not doing this years ago.  Thank you Synchronous Solutions and Ed Hill, You are a true friend and mentor.

Dave Paxton, CEO
Paxton Countertops
Lansing, Michigan

At The Countertop Factory Midwest, we have always prided ourselves on being progressive, providing world class customer service and offering a nurturing environment for our employees. With 20% growth each year, those challenges continued to become tougher and we needed to redefine ourselves to with two key goals in mind: 1) make more money and 2) reduce chaos out of our system for our employees and our Customers. With Synchronous Solutions’s tremendous industry experience, they were able to start making an impact from their first week at our facility. We have always been transparent with our staff but Synchronous Flow truly allows every employee to see our daily productivity and how that compares to our Company’s goals. As Synchronous Solutions will tell you, Square Footage has a tendency to “lie to you” but Synchronous Flow gives you an exacting understanding of your profitability.

Geoffrey Gran, Owner
The Countertop Factory Midwest
Addison, Illinois

We have been working with Synchronous Solutions for several years and our company has never been better. Synchronous Solutions helped us realized the profits we knew we could always make, but we did not have the right tools and processes in place. Numbers are what really matter, and Synchronous Solutions has helped us increase our net profit by triple. I would recommended their services and mentoring to anyone who is serious about streamlining their processes. We couldn’t have done it without Synchronous Solutions.

Alex Bazdar, CEO
Classic Rock Fabrication
Harrisburg, PA

Synchronous Flow has redeveloped the way we do business and took us to a whole new level. Synchronous Solutions’s ability to engage our employees and have them take responsibility for their efforts has made a world of difference in effectively taking better care of our customers. Essentially, they have helped enhance the company’s culture of being helpful and caring toward one another. All around a win/win.

Brian Burns
Cutting Edge Countertops
Perrysburg, OH

At some point along its growth, every business needs a system to understand and manage the relationship between production and profitability, Synchronous Solutions taught us the method to do so.

Jon Lancto, Retired
Former Owner
Surface Products
Former President
Marble Institute of America
Charleston, SC

Synchronous Solutions’s industry knowledge and expertise enabled us to plan and forecast more accurately to upcoming demand and relate our success financially on a daily basis rather tracking square footage only and hoping at the end of the month that we were successful. The Synchronous Flow methodology has been a valuable asset to our company and has helped us engage managers in the business to focus on the goal- making money.

Brad Pierce
Front Range Stone
Denver, CO

The Synchronous Flow System that Synchronous Solutions helped us implement has changed our culture from chaotic to organized.  Our sales and profits have grown and the quality of work atmosphere has improved greatly.  Implementation costs were recovered BEFORE the project was completed. The decision to implement this system is almost a no brainer!

Bruce Battle, Owner
Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations
Raleigh, NC

I began working with Synchronous Solutions six years before I sold my manufacturing company in 2012. In short order, Synchronous Solutions had guided us to a world-class, best-practice, award-winning operational system that literally delivered millions of dollars of wealth into my pocket the day I sold my business. Why? Because the Synchronous Flow System improved our financials, employee morale, quality metrics, and customer satisfaction. Why? Because of Synchronous Solutions we did not have to relocate to a bigger building saving us millions. I’m such a believer in Synchronous Solutions and Synchronous Flow, what they do, and how leaders benefit that I literally tell them they’d be a damn fool not to at least have an initial call with them.

Bill Watkins, Former Owner
The Marena Group
Atlanta, GA
The Lions Pride
Jackson, WY

Since 2004, Surface Products, Inc. has used Synchronous Solutions to establish a methodology for our employees to deal with the routine issues of running a custom manufacturing business. We have been able to reduce lead-times, control expenses, increase productivity, and improve our bottom line performance.

Eric Clark, Former President
Surface Products
Charlotte, NC

Synchronous Solutions was instrumental in putting my company on a solid and profitable foundation with the implementation of Synchronous Flow. We never would have realized our earning potential if it wasn’t for Synchronous Solution’s involvement.

Sam Marchese, President
Consolidated Kitchens and Fireplaces
Omaha, NE

Johnson Granite reached a point in size when we realized we needed a manufacturing system that would allow us to manage all projects in pretty much the same manner. We wanted to know how we could maximize our existing resources to capitalize on the services we offered. We wanted a system we could use to evaluate the time and cost associated with each project in the same way and that could be tied to the financial performance of the company. After talking with Synchronous Solutions we realized that his system of managing Throughput with Synchronous Flow was the system that met most of our criteria. After a little more than a year, Johnson Granite has embraced the concepts of Synchronous Flow that Synchronous Solutions brought to us, and use them to manage all aspects of our Company. From sales through production and finance; all our employees understand how they contribute to the successful performance of the Company. I believe any manufacturing Company looking to improve performance would benefit from allowing Synchronous Solutions to implement their Synchronous Flow manufacturing system.

Brian Johnson, Owner
Johnson Granite
Mt. Airy, NC

I always talk about Synchronous Solutions and what they did for us and will continue to recommend them. Mullet Cabinet would be in serious trouble if we did not have Synchronous Flow. This economy would have given us a serious TKO!

Vince Mullet, President
Mullet Cabinet Company
Millersburg, OH

Synchronous Solutions really helped us think outside the box on some our policies regarding breaks and lunches and how our machinery operated; with those updates our productivity potential exploded! It was great working with them and overall was a fantastic experience.

Luke Haas, Owner
Elite Marble
Montello, WI