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The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

What we do

By improving the flow of information and material through their companies our clients gain control of their business. We work primarily with owner-operators or leadership, usually in process and manufacturing operations, who are dissatisfied with their business results. Poor Customer service, long lead times, too much inventory, chaos in the business system and unacceptable (or…
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How we do it

The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence Synchronous Flow is a process engineering approach to operations management.  Every business is a system and every system always has at least one constraint.  It is better to manage the constraints than allow them to create chaos in the business. Goals we always seek in a Synchronous Flow implementation are: Improved EBITDA and net profit Reduced…
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Why we do it

Synchronous Solutions’ mission is to help business owners/entrepreneurs and leadership teams meet their goal and “continuously improve the financial well being and quality of life for all the stakeholders in their business”. The stakeholders in every business are not only the owners/entrepreneurs but also the employees and their families, suppliers, customers and the communities they…
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